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Phiten Bracelet X50 17cm (Pink)

Phiten Bracelet X50 17cm (Pink)
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Phiten Bracelet X50 17cm (Pink)
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  • Model: Phiten Bracelet X50 17cm (Pink)
  • Weight: 30.00g

Package contains one bracelet only. 

With 50 times more AquaTitan technology, Phiten is introducing a bracelet that combines health and wellness benefits to modern, wearable design. The Rakuwa Bracelet X50 Hybrid is appealing to a lot of athletes, like international golfers and baseball players because it helps alleviate pain and enhance strength and flexibility.

What makes this Bracelet Popular

Helps alleviate the effect of constant tension in your arms, shoulders and hands

The Rakuwa Bracelet X50 Hybrid is a must have for a lot of athletes, like pitchers who to have to throw the ball with all their strength over and over again or tennis players 

Aids with the pain, exhaustion and stiffness

If you work in an office – typing on the computer all day – or lifting job, then you must be putting the same strain on your upper body. The Rakuwa Bracelet X50 Hybrid will help deal with the effects of that daily physical stress.

What Makes our Phiten Necklaces STANDOUT?

  • Contains 50 times more AQUA TITANIUM® Technology.
  • Helps alleviate the effect of constant tension in your arms, shoulders and hands.

How it Works



  • Patented AQUA METAL Technology X 50 Times

Suggestion of Use

  • Helps ease the constant stress.
  • Helps improve blood circulation.
  • Enhancing strength and flexibility 
  • Helps alleviate the pain and restoration of your overall well being
  • Helps relax stiff muscles.


  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane

Direction of Care

  • May wear it daily
  • Hand wash and dry it under the shade

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Hybrid Bracelet  

Country of Manufacturing

  • Made In Japan



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